About SAP UI5 Training:

SAP UI5 (User Interface for HTML5) is a SAP tool and collection of libraries which is used to develop responsive web application of both Static and Dynamic content (Server Side) browser. SAP UI5 will develop the apps using tools and integration of SAP ABAP and HANA Cloud such as HTML5, XML, Java Query, CSS, OData etc. Proline Infotech offers this SAP UI5 Online Training deal with the web development for Cloud application and design of web page. SAP UI5 Training will provide the complete strategy of how the User Experience (UX) of an application with clear depth knowledge.

Proline Infotech will handle this SAP UI5 Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings. Here Proline Infotech will conduct this SAP UI5 Training by well experience and good knowledge of Real-Time consultant.

SAP UI5 Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Introduction to SAP UI5
  • Overview of SAP UI5

  • Describing SAP User Experience

  • Overview of SAP ABAP, OData, HANA Cloud, Fiori, HTML5

  • Overview of SAPUI5 Architecture

  • Benefits of SAP UI5
Topic-2: HTML5 - SAP UI5
  • Overview of HTML5

  • Creating our first web page

  • Concept of line breaks, paragraphs and headers

  • View of List in HTML5

  • linking to another page

  • Concept of images

  • Flow of Directory structures

  • New audio tag, New video tag

  • Assignment of Table

  • Concepts of Forms, Get/Post method, action
Topic-3: Introduction to Cascade Style Sheet
  • External style sheet

  • Concept of CSS Font properties

  • CSS comments

  • Box model, padding, border, margin, padding.

  • CSS Div and Span

  • Assignment of Background images

  • Concept of ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes

  • Styling links, styling lists

  • Linear gradient

  • Float and clear

  • New tags for the layout
Topic-4: JAVA Script - UI5
  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • Statements and Comments

  • Variables, Data Types

  • Operators, Strings and Events

  • Functions, Functions with Parameters

  • Variable and Arrays

  • Overview of If and Loop Condition

  • Objects, properties and methods

  • Referencing elements in JavaScript

  • Changing an image source

  • Forms, form values

  • Form validation text boxes, and passwords

  • Radio buttons, Check Boxes

  • Creating, Modifying, Appending, Deleting HTML Element

  • Regular Expressions

  • Flow of Object oriented Javascript

  • Javascript Literals, Prototype, Objects, properties, and functions.
Topic-5: JQuery
  • Overview of Jquery

  • Selectors

  • Events

  • DOM Manipulation

  • JQuery on UI5
Topic-6: SAP UI5 Configuration and Setup
  • Sub Topic -6.1: Installation of SAP UI5
    • SAPUI5 Tools

    • Versioning of SAPUI5

    • Upgrading jQuery for SAPUI5

    • Documentation

  • Sub Topic -6.1: Setting up for UI5 Tools:
    • Naming Conventions for Control and Application Development

    • Browser and Platform Matrixes

    • Compatibility Rules

    • Experimental Flag

    • Security Information for SAPUI5

    • Create Your First SAPUI5 Application

    • Create Your First Mobile SAPUI5 Application

    • Develop Your First Application using SAPUI5 Tools

    • Testing SAPUI5 Applications

  • Sub Topic-6.2: MVC Concepts:
    • Model View Controller (MVC)

    • Resource Handling

    • Libraries Configuration

    • SAPUI5 Components

    • Fragments in MVC

  • Sub Topic-6.3: SAP UI5 Initialize
    • SAPUI5 Bootstrapping in HTML Pages

    • Initialization Process of SAP UI5

    • Configuration of the SAPUI5 Runtime

  • Sub Topic -6.4: Data Binding
    • Data Binding Overview

    • Data binding Process flow

    • Flow of Data Binding and Models in Applications

    • Types Binding

    • Calculated Fields for Data Binding

    • Data Export using Data Binding

    • Overview of Metadata Binding

    • Benefits of Data Binding

  • Sub Topic -6.5: UI Building and Configuration
    • Initiating Views

    • Implementing XML Views

    • Handling Events in JSON Views

    • Type of Views and Controllers

    • File Names and Locations (View and Controller)

    • Flow of View Cloning

    • Support for Unique IDs

    • SAP UI5 Fragments process an configuration

    • HTML Templates in SAPUI5

    • Navigation and Controls in SAP UI5

  • Sub Topic -6.6: Structuring SAP UI5 Application
    • Overview of Structure

    • Process of Structure SAP UI5

    • Modularization and Resource Handling

    • Overview of SAPUI5 Components

    • Benefits of Structure SAP UI5

  • Sub Topic -6.7:Translating SAPUI5 Application
    • Overview of Translating in SAP UI5

    • Process of Translating in SAP UI5

    • Identifying the Language Code / Locale

    • Resource Bundles

    • Localized Texts in Applications uses

    • Flow of Support Translation

    • Benefits of Translating in SAP UI5
    • <

  • Sub Topic -6.8: Component.js
    • Overview of Component Configuration

    • Controller Extension and Replacement

    • Flow of I18n Resource Text Customization

    • Concept of Limitations

    • Caveats Regarding Stability Across Application Upgrades

    • Supportability

    • Benefits

  • Sub Topic -6.9: Building Mobile Applications with SAP UI5
    • Overview of Building Mobile Application

    • Process flow of Building Mobile Application

    • Flow of Navigation and Lifecycle Event Handling

    • Adapting to Platform and Form Factors

    • Working with Lists and Tables

    • Triggering Phone, SMS and E-Mail

    • SAPUI5 Mobile Scrolling

    • Hybrid Web Containers in SAP UI5

    • Using Images in Mobile Applications

    • Message Handling

    • Mobile Events

    • Performance Behavior

    • Building Charts with SAP VIZ

    • Benefits

  • Sub Topic -6.10: Troubleshooting
    • Overview for Troubleshooting in SAP UI5

    • Debugging and Diagnostics in UI5

    • Logging and Tracing

    • Troubleshooting: Common Issues

    • Flow of Browser Debugging for ABAP Developers

    • Mobile Diagnostics in SAP UI5

    • Benefits

  • Sub Topic -6.11: Testing in SAP UI5
    • Overview of Testing in SAP UI5

    • Benefits of Testing

  • Sub Topic -6.12: Developing Content for SAP UI5
    • Overview of Developing Content for SAP UI5

    • Process overflow for Developing Content

    • Development Conventions and Guidelines

    • Benefits

  • Sub Topic -6.13: WEB-IDE
    • Overview SAP WEB-IDE

    • Process of WEB-IDE

    • Create a new SAPUI5 application

    • Development process overview

    • Development environment overview

    • Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI5

    • Deploy to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository

    • Benefits
Topic-7: SAP FIORI
  • Master Detail view in SAPUI5 Mobile and Desktop

  • Process of Routing in Components

  • Fragments Overview

  • Odata Model

  • CRUD operations

  • App Navigation

  • Toolbar

  • Split App Control

  • User Experience and User Interface

  • Responsive Design

  • Control hierarchy and Defining Controls
Topic-8:SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service:
  • Introduction NetWeaver Gateway

  • NetWeaver Gateway Usage

  • Gateway Architecture overview

  • Technical Components Involved

  • Introduction to REST

  • Introduction to OData

  • OData advantages

  • OData formats JSON and XML introduction

  • Structure of an OData Service overview

  • Overview of Service Document and Metadata Document


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