SAP BW Training (Business Warehouse) is one of the essential technical modules for SAP. SAP BW can change, coordinate and unite important business data from profitable SAP applications and outer information sources.SAP BW provides basic data, as well as considers multidimensional examination of the information, which is so valuable for a sharp comprehension of the business processes.

Proline Infotech offers SAP BW Training on the best interactive virtual platform with object-oriented programming and the skill to integrate the module for developing different business applications. We provide both SAP BW online Training as well as classroom training with free demo session.

SAP BW Training Syllabus:

Topic: 1 Data Warehouse Overview
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing

  • Multidimensional Modeling

  • BW Construction

  • Stretched Star Schema

  • Introduction to BW Objects and Administrative Work Bench

  • Introduction to Features and Key Statistics

  • Texts Attributes Orders for Master Data

  • Data Flow in BW (Info sources/Data Source)

  • Introduction to dissimilar Info Providers (Cubes/ODS etc.)

  • Loading Data to a Data Target through flat files

  • Meta data source
Topic: 2 Data Acquisition
  • Extraction of data from R/3 system

  • Concept of Delta Queue, Introduction to different Delta Types in R/3

  • Debugging Extraction and Concept of Data Source in R/3

  • Extraction using Generic Extraction (Table/View/Info set/FM)

  • Extraction from FI (GL/AP), Extraction of COPA Data

  • Logistics Data Extraction (SD/MM)

  • Extraction Performance Tuning Techniques, BW Customization

  • At the end of the course you will get good expertise in below areas: Data modeling, Extraction techniques and creating data targets

  • BEx reporting

  • Data scheduling with Process chains

  • Performance tuning
Topic: 3 Data Provisioning
  • Replication Server

  • Replication Process

  • Replication Architecture

  • Data Services


  • Basic Data service Connection types

  • New to Data services 40

  • Full Extractor though ODP

  • Configure Import server

  • Create and execute a Data Service Job to Populate HANA
Topic: 4 Business Explorer
  • Introduction to Business Explorer

  • Understanding Bex Browser

  • Bex Query Designer

  • Bex Web Application Server

  • Advance Reporting/Web Reporting Techniques

  • Introduction to Reporting Agent (Pre calculation)

  • Overview of Reporting Authorization Objects and their Usage in Security

  • Performance Techniques for queries by using Aggregates

  • OLAP cache

  • Debugging queries using RSRT Tcode, Open HUB
Topic: 5 Basic Objects in SAP BW
  • Info Area ,Info Object Catalogs

  • Info Objects(Characteristics & Key Figures)

  • Application Component

  • Data Source

  • Transfer Rules

  • Info Source

  • Update Rules

  • Different types of Routines

  • Info Package

  • Transformations

  • Data Transfer Process(DTP)

  • Error DTP

  • Metadata Repository
Topic: 6 Report Designer
  • Creating Reports

  • Formatting columns & Rows

  • Changing font styles with background color

  • Inserting Rows & columns
Topic: 7 Transport Mechanism
  • Review of system Landscape

  • Collecting Objects

  • Creating Transports

  • Releasing Transport

  • Importing Transport

  • Monitoring Transport
Topic: 8 Performance Improvement
  • Collections

  • Compression

  • Dividing

  • Indexes and DB Measurements

  • Number Range Buffering

  • Read Mode & OLAP cache

  • Line Item Dimension & High Cardinality

  • Read Mode & OLAP cache

  • Others


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