About SAP TM Training:

Pronline Infotech offers SAP TM (TranAbout SAP TM Training:sportation Management) is an application designed by SAP AG. SAP TM application has been designed for transportation and logistics chain and its necessary requirement (Logistic Execution Module in SAP), it’ll reduce the transportation costs and other feature in large scale business industry. SAP Transportation Management module is linked with shipment deliveries and assign many delivers to shipment document considering that multiple deliveries will go in one truck via rail or truck.

SAP Transportation Management module will integrates with other modules such as SAP MM, SAP SD, and SAP Finance. Here Proline Infotech will handle this SAP TM online training with subject matter expert and step by step teaching for all topics in TM such as sales and purchase order, vendor, returns and stock, transfers, travel policy, TM master data and etc.

Proline Infotech will offer this SAP Transportation Management Course with Online and Classroom training based on your flexible timings. Here the SAP TM tutors are highly qualified and well experienced in SAP TM IT industry.


Lesson-1: Introduction to SAP Transportation Management (TM)
  • Overview of SAP R/3 Architecture

  • Overview of SAP Transportation Management

  • Shipper, Freight Forwarder and LSP overview

  • LTL, FTL, LCL, FCL Scenarios in Logistics Industry Overview

  • Transportation Management System Vs SAP TMS

  • Benefits and Feature of SAP TM

Lesson-2: SAP Transport Management Architecture
  • Overview of Technical Architecture of SAP TM

  • SAP TM standalone Overview

  • Integrated SAP TM with ERP

  • E2E Cycle in Transport Management

  • Benefits and uses

Lesson-3: Master Data – SAP Transportation Management
  • Overview of master Date in SAP TM

  • Basic Data of SAP ERP and SAP TM

  • CIF configuration and uses in Master Data for SAP TM

  • SAP ERP and SAP TM transmission

  • Organization Master Data

  • General Master Data in SAP TM

  • Transportation Network Master Data

  • Resource Master Data

  • Charges for Master Data

  • Goods management for SAP TM

Lesson-4: Freight Unit & Order Management in SAP TM
  • Overview of Freight Unit Management

  • Freight Unit Management properties

  • Freight Unit Building Rule management

  • Freight Order management Overview

  • Create Freight Order in SAP TM

  • Freight Order Process flow

  • Control for SAP Freight Order

  • Manual Planning for Fright Order

  • Planning Profiles for SAP TM

  • Cockpit for Transportation management

  • Automatic Planning for SAP TM

  • Optimization of SAP TM Planning

  • Benefits and Uses

Lesson-5: Transportation Capacity Management
  • Transportation Management of freight capacities and schedules

  • Important aspect of being able to move cargo

  • Flow of Carrier Schedules

  • Flow of Departure/Destination Rules

  • Benefits and Uses of Capacity Management

Lesson-6: SAP TM Requirement Management and Shipping
  • Shipper scenarios & forwarder/carrier scenarios for customer order objects.

  • Flow of Order Based Transportation Request

  • Flow of Delivery Based Transportation Request

  • Flow of forwarding the order Scenario

  • Benefits and Uses of SAP TM Requirement Management

Lesson-7: SAP TM Integration and freight Units
  • Overview of SAP Integration Management and Freight Units

  • Concept of Transportation requests & Freight Units

  • Purchase Order Management Overview

  • Logistics Planning from make to stock and make to Order Perspective

  • Flow of Order Integration SAP ECC & SAP TM

  • SAP ERP output Integration & Order type conditions

  • Benefits and Uses of SAP TM Integration

Lesson-8: Transportation Management Process Flow
  • Overview of SAP Transportation Management

  • Flow of Transportation Execution

  • Flow of Transportation Control

  • Flow of Transportation Monitoring

  • Benefits and Features of SAP Transportation Management

Lesson-9: SAP TM Subcontracting and Tendering
  • Overview of subcontracting in TM

  • Configuration of SAP TM Subcontracting

  • Overview of Tendering

  • SAP TM Tendering overview

  • Freight RFQ overview

  • SAP Tendering Freight Overview

  • Benefits and Uses

Lesson-10: SAP Transportation Management Charge Management
  • Overview of Charge Management in SAP TM

  • Forwarding Order Management

  • Freight Order Management

  • Forwarding Settlement

  • Freight Settlement

  • Benefits and Uses of SAP TM Charge Management


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