About SAP Sol-man Training:

Proline Infotech is offers SAP Solution Manager Training, SAP Solution Manager is a Centralized system Support in SAP R/3 System landscape environment. SAP Solution Manager will provide the functionalities like tools, methodologies, integration content which used to implement, operate, monitor and support an enterprises in SAP environments. SAP Solution Manager will help how to manage and IT administrator in IT landscape like SAP system and Non-SAP system also. Here Pronline Infotech will handle this SAP Solution Manager Online training with complete concepts of planning, designing, implementation of Solution Manager, installation, change management etc. Proline infotech will offer this SAP Solution Manager module by Online and Classroom training. Here SAP Solution Manager (Solman) training will handling by well experienced and good knowledge on subject related real-Time IT consultant.

SAP Solution Manager (Solman) Training Road-map:

Unit-1: Introduction to SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP R/3 Architecture Overview

  • SAP Solution Manager Outline

  • Overview of SAP Solman

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Post and Pre installation of SAP Solman

  • Solution Manager Infrastructure Preparation

  • Managed and Backend System Configuration

  • SLD overview and configuration

  • STMS Configuration Overview

  • Change Control Management Process

  • Email Configuration in Solman

  • Service Request Management Process

  • Overview of Alert, monitor and report process

Unit-2: Sizing of SAP Solution manager
  • Overview of Sizing

  • Quick Sizer Tool in Solman

  • Sizing process in Solman

  • Sizing configuration with HANA

  • Benefits of Sizing of Solman

Unit-3: SAP Solution manager Infrastructure
  • SAP Solman Infrastructure overview

  • SAP Solman Integration with IT Infrastructure

  • CMDB and LMDB in Solman Infrastructure

  • Reporting in SAP Solman Infrastructure

  • Features and benefits of Infrastructure

Unit-4: Download and Installation of SAP Solman
  • Overview of SAP Soman Installation

  • Installation and Configuration for General Info

  • Installation and Configuration for ABAP System

  • Installation and Configuration for HANA DB

  • Installation and Configuration for Business

Unit-5: Basic Configuration of SAP Solman
  • Overview of SAP Solman_Setup

  • Basic settings Configuration of SAP Solman

  • Activating Solution Manager Enhancements

  • Standard Customizing

  • Configuration of Netweaver Business Client

  • Other integration of Configuration

Unit-6: Managed Server Configuration
  • Overview of Managed Server Configuration

  • Prerequisites Check for Managed Server Configuration

  • Manual Configuration of Managed Server Configuration

  • Landscape Parameters

  • Starting and Stopping Mobile Platform server

  • Server Monitoring Analysis

  • Security Administration for Managed Server

  • Benefits and uses

Unit-7: Key Administration – SAP Solution Manager
  • Overview of Key Admin

  • How to generate key in Solman system

  • Benefits and uses of Key Administration

Unit-8: SAP System Landscape Directories (SLD) Configuration
  • Overview of SLD in SAP Solman

  • Prerequisites of configuring SLD

  • Configuration of SLD

  • Configuring SLD user Authorization

  • Configuring Systems to connect SLD

  • Benefits and uses

Unit-9: SAP LMDB Overview in Solman
  • Overview and LMDB meaning

  • Basic configuration of LMDB in Solman

  • Flow of Connection to SLD

  • Benefits and uses

Unit-10: SAP Solution Manager – SMSY
  • Overview of SMSY in Solman

  • Process flow of SMSY in Solman

  • How to add system using SMSY

  • Benefits of SMSY

  • Configuration flow and uses

Unit-11: AP CR Content Update for SLD
  • Overview of Component Repository (CR)

  • Configuration of CR in SLD

  • Benefits in AP CR

  • CR in SLD and LMDB

Unit-12: SAP SLD Synchronizing
  • Overview of SLD

  • SLD Synchronizing overview in Solman

  • Process of SLD in PI and Solman

  • SLD to LMDB Synchronizing

  • Benefits and uses in Solman

Unit-13: SAP HOSTAGENT overview
  • Overview of HOSTAGENT

  • Benefits and Uses

  • Hostagent in Solman

Unit-14: SAP Hostagent installation and Configuration
  • Overview of Hostagent

  • Download and Installation of Hostagent

  • Configure and Process of Hostagent

  • Benefits of Hostagent

Unit-15: SAP SMD Agent Installation and Configuration
  • Overview of SMD Agent

  • Download and Installa SMD Install

  • Configure the SMD Agent

  • Process of SMD agent in Solman

  • Benefits and Uses

Unit-16: Overview of Wily Introscope in Solman
  • Overview of CA Introscope

  • Introscope Monitoring

  • Introscope process on Solman

  • Introscope and ISAgent in Solman

  • Benefits and uses

Unit-17: Installation and Configuration of Introscope
  • Overview of Introscope

  • Configuration of Introscope in Solman

  • Process of Introscope

  • Benefits

Unit-18: System Monitoring using SAP Solman
  • Overview of System Monitoring in Solman

  • System Monitoring in Solman

  • Database Monitoring Overview

  • Host Monitoring Overview

  • Benefits

Unit-19: Early Watch Alert (EWA) using SAP Solman System
  • Overview of SAP EWA

  • Install and Configuration of EWA

  • EWA Overview in Solman

  • Benefits of EWA in Solman

Unit-20: Business Process analytics and Monitoring using Solman
  • SAP Solution Manager – ALE Monitoring

  • SAP Solution Manager – qRFC Monitoring

  • SAP Solution Manager – Functionalities and Inconsistencies

  • SAP BPMon Trend Analysis and reporting

  • SAP Business Process Monitoring

Unit-21: SAP Solman other topics:
  • SAP Alert Inbox

  • SAP Dispatch and Incident Ticket overview

  • SAP BI and Central performance

  • SAP Alert Inbox

  • SAP Solman Consultant overview


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