SAP Simple Finance is a complete fund arrangement in view of SAP HANA, which can be conveyed in the cloud or on-commence. Intended to be anything but difficult to utilize, it can convey moment knowledge for back experts.It improves the present back arrangement portfolio from SAP, safeguarding its practical quality while empowering non-troublesome movement.

Proline Infotech provides complete SAP simple finance training with configuration and more. Learn SAP simple finance training from ProlineInfotech with step by step instruction. We are providing both individual & corporate training and help our aspirants to become an SAP simple finance training consultant.

SAP Simple Finance Training Syllabus:

Topic: 1 Overview of SAP Simple Finance
  • Introducing SAP HANA

  • Introducing SAP S4 HANA

  • Outlining SAP Simple Finance
Topic: 2 Introduction to HANA Concepts
  • Keeping Data in Memory

  • Ensure Durability

  • Columnar Data Organization

  • Data Encoding and Compression

  • Dictionary Encoding

  • Data Compression.

  • Operation on Compressed Data

  • Parallel Execution in Columnar Store

  • Parallel Aggregation

  • Delta Store and Merge

  • Benefits of a Redundancy-Free System

  • In-Memory Technology Removes Redundancy

  • Simplifying the Core Data Model

  • Benefits of the New Data Model

  • Compatible Refactoring

  • Transitioning to SAP Simple Finance

  • Gaining Unparalleled Insights

  • Removing Predefined Aggregates

  • Deciding without Information Loss

  • Optimizing Operations with Big Data

  • Innovating with Line Item Granularity
Topic: 3 Management Accounting in SAP S/ 4HANA
  • Organizational Structure & Master Data

  • Integrated Business Process
Topic: 4 Deploying Simple Finance
  • Architecture Overview

  • Landscape Migration for Existing SAP ERP Systems

  • Handling General Ledger Functionality

  • HANA Enterprise Cloud Deployment

  • Understanding Cloud Solutions In Financial Operations
Topic: 5 Overview of the Simple Finance Add-On
  • Providing Technical Overview of the Implementation Prerequisites

  • Describe the Architecture of the Simple Finance

  • Analyzing the universal Journal

  • Analyzing the Central Finance

  • Providing an overview of Reporting Options

  • Introducing SAP Fiori
Topic: 6 Simple Finance Concepts
  • Reloading SAP ERP Financials Functionality

  • Financial Accounting (FI)

  • Controlling and Management Accounting (CO)

  • Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM)

  • Treasury and Risk Management (FIN-FSCM-TRM)

  • Cash Management

  • New Applications in SAP Simple Finance

  • Mastering Business Challenges without SAP HANA

  • The New SAP HANA-Based Architecture

  • Merging G/L Accounts and Cost Elements

  • Compatibility Views

  • Immediate Benefits of the New Model

  • Depreciation Runs

  • Multidimensional Profitability Analysis

  • New Analysis Patterns
Topic: 7 Simple Finance Integration
  • Providing an overview of Cash management Functions

  • Outlining the Functions of Integrated Business Planning for Finance ( IBPF )
Topic: 8 Simple Finance Applications
  • Business Cockpits for Business People

  • Working with Business Cockpits

  • Defining a Business Cockpit

  • Financial Operations

  • Receivables Management

  • Payables Management

  • Networks Integration

  • Order Collaboration

  • Invoice Collaboration

  • Discount Management

  • Cash Management

  • Bank Account Management

Topic: 9 Simple Finance Reporting
  • Challenge of Flexible Operational Reporting Needs

  • Addressing the Challenges Using SAP Simple Finance

  • Conceptual Advances in Reporting

  • Merging of Accounts and Cost Elements

  • Advances for End Users


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