About SAP SD Training:

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is one of the important module in ERP SAP Application. Proline Infotech will conduct thisSAP SD Module and this training will provide complete scenario about SD module which make you to SAP SD consultant in IT industry. Here SAP SD syllabus designed by well experts and experienced SD consultant. This SAP SD course will mainly focus on shipping, pricing, Document topics also integration with other SAP modules which help you to learn thoroughly. Also this Proline Infotech will provide Step-by-Step material and videos for SAP SD Training, these materials can help you to get learn easy manner.


Topic-1: Introduction to SAP SD:
  • ERP and SAP Introduction

  • SAP R/3 Overview

  • SAP System Landscape

  • SAP SD Introduction

  • Process in Sales and Distribution

  • SAP Navigation, Menu path

  • SAP MM and FI feature

Topic-2: Enterprise Structure Creation
  • Enterprise Structure Overview

  • Relationship and configuration with MM and FI

  • Definition and Assign Organizational Structure

  • Common Sales and Distribution Structures

  • SAP SD Document Types and overview

  • Creation of Sales Area, Office, Groups, Division, Plant, Distribution Channel

  • SAP FI and MM Relation in Sales and Distribution

Topic-3:Creating Master Data for SD
  • Creation of Material Master Record

  • Creation of Customer Master Record
    • SAP SD General Data Section

    • Company Code Data Section

    • Maintain Sales Area Data Section

  • Maintain Customer Material Info Records

  • Concept of Condition Master Data

  • SAP SD Partner Functions

  • Defining Account Groups for Partner Functions

  • Number Ranges Creations and Assignment

Topic-4: Documents Creation
  • Overview of Documents in Sales and Distribution

  • SAP Sales Documents Structure & Control Tables - Sales, Shipping, Billing.

  • SAP SD Document Types and Function – Sales, Deliveries, Shipping and Billing

  • Maintain Document Control – Document type, item category control and determination schedule line category control and determination

  • Maintain Copy Control – Requirements Data Transfer Routines document Flow and Pricing Type

Topic-5: Document Processing
  • Maintain Pre-Sales Processing

  • Maintain Outline Agreements Processing

  • Configure Order Processing

  • Flow of Complaint Processing

  • Flow of Delivery Processing -Picking, Effects of PGI

  • Configuration of Billing Processing

  • Copy control:
    • Sales Documents

    • Delivery Documents

    • Billing Documents

Topic-6: Pre-Sales Activities
  • Overview of Pre-Sales Activities

  • Sales Document structure

  • Flow of Inquiries

  • Flow of Quotations

  • Concept of Sales support

Topic-7: Pricing Procedure in Sales and Distribution
  • Overview of Pricing in Sales and Distribution

  • Pricing Process:
    • Condition Tables

    • Access Sequence

    • Condition Types

    • Pricing Procedure

    • Pricing Procedure Determination

    • Condition Record Maintenance

    • Condition Supplement

    • Item Conditions

    • Header Conditions

    • Palette Discounts & Surcharges

  • Free Goods Determination
    • Revenue Account Determination

    • Partner Determination

    • Output Determination

    • Material Determination

    • Material Listing / Exclusion

    • Credit Management

    • Route Determination

  • Incompletion Procedure

  • Transfer of Requirements (TOR)

  • Availability Check

  • Promotions and Rebate processing

  • Definition and maintenance of prices, surcharges, and discounts

Topic-8: Shipping in SAP SD
  • Shipping overview

  • Delivery Document Header and Item Category

  • Assign Number Ranges for Shipping

  • Flow of Shipping Point and Determination

  • Delivery Scheduling & Transportation Scheduling

  • Picking and material configuration

  • Packing Location and process of packing material

  • Flow of Goods issue

  • Shipping scopes
Topic-9: Billing Process and Posting Billing Document
  • Overview of Billing Process

  • Billing Documents

  • Types of Billing

  • Methods of Billing

  • Account Determination

  • Billing Plans

  • SD Milestone Billing

  • Billing function comprehensive

  • Batch Management Overview

Topic-10: Credit Management
  • Overview of Credit Management

  • Types of Credit Management

  • Static Credit Determination

  • Dynamic Credit Determination

  • Features of Credit Management
Topic-11: Cross Functional Integration in SAP SD
  • SD Integration with FICO Module

  • SD Integration with MM Module

  • SD Integration with PP Module
Topic-12: Advanced Topics
  • Overview of Rebates

  • Flow of STO (Stock Transport Order)

  • Process of Make to Order

  • Process of Make to Stock

  • Concept of Bill of Material (BOM)

  • Business Processing

  • Process of Third Party order

  • Company Stock Transfers

  • Text determination and Partner determination

  • Output determination

  • CRM relationship with SD

  • HANA Logistics Overview


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