SAP PO is a device that enables you to coordinate arrangements which makes it simple to synchronize information between various frameworks. SAP PO (Process Orchestration) Training is a blend of various SAP segments, SAP Business Process Management, SAP PI, and SAP Business Rules Management. It is an incorporation agent which interferes between substances with the changing basics as far as availability and conventions.

Proline Infotech provides SAP PO training with well subject explanation and real-time environment. We also provided course material and help our aspirants in CV preparation.

SAP POTraining Syllabus:

Topic: 1Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Technology
  • Building Blocks of SAP Netweaver

  • Web AS Architecture
  • TProcess Integration with SAP PI/PO 7.4

  • Architecture of SAP PI/PO 7.4
Topic: 3 Business Process Overview and Development
  • Configuring NWDS Development Tools

  • Designing BPMN in NWDS

  • Outlining Business Processes

  • Creating Products

  • Functions used to design the BPMN
Topic: 4 Mapping Operation
  • External Definition

  • Context handling

  • Importing RFC & IDOC Interfaces

  • Developing” with Imported Interface Objects

  • Overview of Proxy development

  • Overview of mappings

  • Mapping Programs in SAP PI 7.4

  • Java Mapping
Topic: 5 Data Flow
  • Defining Process Context

  • Explaining Data Objects

  • Creating Data Mappings

  • Explaining Gateways

  • Applying Data Transformations by Using Functions

  • Outlining Notification Activities for PO

  • Configuring and Using Reporting Activities for PO
Topic: 6 Delivery Process
  • Explaining Data Flow Modeling

  • Explaining Business Rules Management

  • Creating Rules with Rules Composer

  • Managing Business Rules with Rules Manager

  • Using the WS Navigator and Mock Services
Topic: 7 BPMN Process
  • Sketching a Procurement Process

  • Explaining the Use of Split Objects in the Procurement Process

  • Explaining Process Modes

  • Explaining the Various UIs and Tasks

  • Explaining Further Objects in the Procurement Process
Topic: 8 Integration Process (ccBPM)
  • Outlining the Roles and Authorizations of a BPMN Process

  • Importing Objects

  • Outlining Start and End Events for the PO Process

  • Handling Service Interfaces

  • Explaining Automated Activities for the PO Process

  • Adding Activities to a Business Process

  • Calling a Web Service from an Automated Activity
Topic: 9 Complete Integration Process
  • Configuring Referenced Activities

  • Explaining Boundary Events in the Delivery and Purchase Order Process

  • Running the Purchase Order Process
Topic: 10 Process Tasks and Monitors
  • Managing Process Desk Tasks

  • Managing Processes with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

  • Starting a Process with an SAPUI5 User Interface

  • Using BPM Analytics

  • Using the Business Process Management (BPM) Inbox
Topic: 11 Connectivity with the Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)
  • Configuring Scenarios in the ESR Browser

  • Explaining the Communication between the BPM and AEX

  • Explaining the SAP Process Integration Designer

  • Monitoring with Process Integration Monitoring (PIMON)

  • Testing the Procurement Process with AEX


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