About SAP ISU Training:

SAP ISU means Industrial Specific - Utilities (ISU) is a Industrial Solution on SAP which use to help customer oriented utility company. SAP ISU CCS (Customer Care & Service) is a packaged solution and component which is used to manage large number of postings from billing and budget billing requests, billing divisions like electricity, gas, retail and etc. Also SAP IS-U master data includes the business partners, contracts and contract accounts, connection objects and premises, device location etc. Proline Infotech will provide this SAP IS-U training with complete integration with other modules, Device management, EDM, CS, Work Management and other important topics. Proline Infotech will handle this SAP IS-U Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings. This SAP IS-U training will handled with real-time well experienced IT consultants.

SAP BPC Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Introduction to SAP and IS-U
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Architecture

  • SAP Extended R/3 Integration model & SAP ISU

  • SAP IS Utilities Overview

  • SAP ISU Components Overview

  • SAP ISU/CCS Integration Model

  • Benefits and uses of SAP ISU in industry

Topic-2: SAP IS-U Regional Structure
  • Overview of SAP ISU Regional Structure

  • Process of Regional Structure

  • Flow of Political Regional Structure

  • Portions & Meter Reading Units

  • Flow of Scheduling Tasks

  • Dependencies of Regional Structure

  • Benefits and purposes of Regional Structure

Topic-3: ISU Master Data
  • Introduction to Master data

  • Purpose of Master Data in SAP IS-U

  • Configuration of Business Master data

  • Flow of Business Partner

  • Contract and Contract account

  • System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3

  • Configuration of Business master data

  • Technical Master data configuration

  • Connection Object

  • Premise in SAP IS-U

  • Installation of SAP IS-U

Topic-4: Front Office & CIC in SAP IS-U
  • Overview of Front Office

  • Floe of Front Office in Business Process

  • Front Office Process

  • CIC (Customer Interaction Center) Overview

  • Process of CIC

  • Benefits and Uses of CIC

  • Integration with External Communication Systems

Topic-5: EDM (Energy Data Management)
  • Profile Management

  • Settlement

  • Interface to External System

  • RTP Billing

Topic-6: Move-In and Move-Out Configuration
  • Move-in Introduction

  • Move-in Business Scenario

  • Process of Move-in

  • Contract Data during Move-in

  • Contract Installation Allocation

  • History of Installation

  • Move-out introduction

  • System Configuration for SAP IS-U

  • Flow of Disconnection and Reconnection

  • Benefits and uses of Move-In and Move-Out

Topic-7: Device Technology ( Device Management in SAP IS-U)
  • Overview of Device Technology

  • Process flow of Device Technology

  • Concept of Device Category & Device

  • Overview of Device management

  • Integration with Logistics

  • Register & Register data

  • Process of Modeling of devices

  • Device Inspection and certification

  • Benefits of Device Management

Topic-8: Installation and Order Processing
  • Overview of Installation

  • Process of Installation service

  • Installation services

  • Service processing

  • Periodic Device replacement

  • Replacement of a meter

  • Reversal of Removal

  • Replacement of sample device

  • Determining the Device location

  • Scenario: Device Location & data

  • Benefits and Usage of Order Processing

Topic-9: Technical Objects Overview
  • About Technical objects

  • Service order execution steps

  • Flow of Technical installation structure

  • Installation structure Example

  • Flow of Billing related process & data entry

  • Device Life cycle and History

  • Benefits of Technical Objects Overview

Topic-10: Meter Reading Overview
  • Overview of Meter Reading in IS-U

  • Meter reading Types

  • Organization (Street route) Meter Reading

  • Flow of Creating Meter reading orders

  • Validating and Monitoring Meter reading results

  • Concept of Reversing Meter reading orders

  • Process Overview and Benefits of Meter Reading in IS-U

Topic-11: Billing Configuration in SAP IS-U
  • Billing Introduction

  • ISU/CSS Billing scenario

  • Sub Topic-11.1: SAP IS-U Billing Procedure

    • Flow of Billing Tasks

    • Configuration of Billing periods

    • Billing Forms

    • Concept of Special Billing functions

    • Overview Process of Billing

    • Entry of selection

    Sub Topic-11.2: Billing & Simulation
    • Overview of Simulation types

    • Overview of Document types

    • Document Information

    • Further processing of documents

    • Out sorting Procedure

    Sub Topic-11.3: Billing Function
    • Billing Tasks and Periods

    • Overview of Special Billing functions

    • Billing Process

    • Overview of selection Entry

    • Concept of Billing & Simulation

    • Flow of Document Information

    • Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)

    • Configuration for Billing Reversal Process

    • Configuration for Manual billing
  • Billing Reversal Process in SAP IS-U

  • Data between Smart grid and SAP System

  • Benefits of Billing Configuration and Process in SAP IS-U

Topic-12: Invoice Process in SAP IS-U
  • Invoicing Overview

  • Concept of Invoicing units

  • Method of Mandatory Contracts

  • Procedure for Settlement

  • Sub-Topic-12.1: Budget Billing Procedure in SAP ISU

    • Overview of Budget Billing Procedure

    • Payment plan categories

    • Creation of Budget billing plan

    • Invoicing reversal and Bill Reversal

    Sub-Topic-12.2: Billing and Price master Data in SAP ISU
    • Overview of Billing and Price Master Data

    • Business objects Rate allocation

    • Rate category and Types

    • Business Objects – Rate structures

    • Flow of Rate data & Rate step

    • Flow of Rate data & Rate step

    • Assign Operand data and Values

    • Flow of Price categories and Types

    • Concept of Rate determination

    • Maintain Discounts/ Surcharges in IS-U Pricing

Topic-13: Intercompany Data Exchange in SAP IS-U
  • Deregulation Data

  • Deregulation Functions

  • Migration in IS-U
Topic-14: Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Organizational Unit

  • Basic Functions

  • Business Transactions

  • Integration

  • Closing operation

  • Information System

  • Job Control

  • Archiving

  • Interface in Contract Accounts

  • Event Concept

  • Data Processing in Mass Runs

  • Enhance Message Management

  • Country-Specific Functions

  • Dunning Process


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