About SAP FSCM Training:

SAP FSCM stands for Financial Supply Chain Management. Proline Infotech will handle this SAP FSCM with well experienced and subject matter Real-Time consultants. SAP FSCM will provide the functionalities for e-billing, disputes, collection management, credit risk management . This module will helpful to improve the productivity of your collections, customer credit management, forecasting of cash and liquidity positions. This module will integrate with Financial accounting system to handle Billing, cash management, Treasury management.

In this training outline we provide overview of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management components with sub-topics. Also Proline Infotech, will conduct this course through Classroom and Online training with your flexible timings.

SAP FSCM Training Flow-map:

TSAP FSCM Content at quick look:
  • SAP Financial Supply Chain Management

  • SAP Financial Accounting

  • SAP Sales Order Processing

  • SAP FSCM - Credit Management

  • SAP FSCM - Dispute Management

  • SAP FSCM - Collection Management

  • SAP FSCM - Biller Direct

  • SAP FSCM Reports

  • SAP FSCM Transaction Codes

  • SAP FSCM Scopes and benefits
Topic-1: Introduction to SAP and FSCM
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Architecture

  • SAP FSCM business process overview

  • SAP FI integration overview

  • SAP FSCM Scopes and Benefits
Topic-2: Basic Settings in SAP FI - Financial Accounting

Sub Topic-2.1: Enterprise Structure

  • Create Company, Company Code

  • Assigning Company code to Company

  • Create Plant and Assigning to Company

  • Credit Controlling Area

  • Assign credit Controlling Area to Company code

Sub Topic-2.2: General Ledger GL Accounting

  • Define Chart of Accounts

  • Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts

  • Define Account Groups

  • Define Retained Earnings Accounts

  • GL master Records

Sub Topic-2.3: Accounts Receivable (AR)

  • Define Account Groups

  • Define number Ranges

  • Assign Number Ranges for Account Groups

  • Customer Master Records

  • Creation of Customer Master Record in centrally

  • Define Terms of Payment

  • Define Dunning Procedure

  • ssign Dunning Procedure to Company code

Sub Topic-2.4: Accounts Payable (AP)

  • overview of AP Account Payable

  • Configuration of Account payable

  • Benefits of Accounts payable
Topic-3: SAP FSCM - Credit Management

Sub Topic-3.1: Business Partner

  • Define Number Ranges

  • Define Grouping and Assign Number Ranges

  • Define BP Role

  • Define BP Role Grouping

Sub Topic-3.2: Credit Control Area Setting

  • Define Credit Controlling Area

  • Assign Company code to Controlling Area

  • Assign permitted credit controlling areas to company code

  • Define Risk Categories

  • Define Credit Representative Group and Credit Representatives

  • Define Field Groups and Fields to Field Groups

  • Assign Sales Document and Delivery Documents

  • Define Automatic Credit Control

Sub Topic-3.3: Credit Management

  • Overview of Credit Management

  • Define Credit Controlling Area

  •  Assign Company code to credit Control Area

  •  Technical Architecture of SAP Credit Management

  •  Business partner

  • Credit limit and Rating

  • Credit Risk Classes

  • Integration with Accounts Receivable & Sales and Distribution

  • Define Credit Segment

  • Assign Credit Control Area and Credit Segment

  • Assign Credit Exposure Categories

  • Reporting

  • Mass Activation

  • Enhancements

  • Easy Access with Master Data and Master Data Mass change
Topic-4: SAP FSCM - Dispute Management

Sub Topic-4.1: Dispute Case Processing

  • Create RMS ID

  • Element Types and Case Record Model

  • Create Element Types and Attribute Profile

  • Process of Case Record Models

  • Create Profile for case search

  • Create Text profile and status profile

  • Number Ranges for case

  • Define Case Types, Derivation of Element Types

Sub Topic-4.2: Process Integration with Accounts Receivable Accounting

  • Activate Process Integration for SAP Dispute Management

  • Define Default Values

  • Automatic Write-off of Dispute cases

  • Activate Assignment of Open Credits and Payments

  • Enter Accounting Clerk identification code for customers

  • Correspondence
Topic-5: SAP FSCM - Collection Management

Sub Topic-5.1: Basic Settings for Collection Management

  • Maintain Enterprise Structure for Collection Management

  • Collection Strategies

  • organization structure for Collection Management

  • Business Partner BADI

  • Promise to pay

  • Number range intervals

  • Customer Contracts

  • Resubmission

  • Dispute Management

  • Distribution Procedure

Sub Topic-5.2: Integration with Accounts Receivable

  • Activate Collection Management

  • Activate/Deactivate for Mapping in FI-AR

  • Activate Distribution per company code

Sub Topic-5.3: Business Partner Settings

  • Define Grouping and Settings

  • Synchronization Control

  • Activate PPo requests for Platform objects in Dialog
Topic-6: SAP FSCM- Biller Direct
  • Biller Direct Overview

  • Basic Settings of SAP Biller Direct

  • Process Integration with Accounts Receivable

  • Release Credit Cars

  • Define Partial Payment and Currency

  • Define payment block for release process

  • Define Reference user

  • Customer Portal Administration

  • Create users, work list, Customer Messages

  • Activate of the Bill Receiver
Topic-7: Advanced Topics
  • SAP FSCM Reports


  • System Landscape

  • Interview Q and A

  • Scope of FSCM


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