Proline Infoteh handles SAP FMS (Fashion Management Solution) is developed by SAP for fashion brands. The fashion collection by SAP is a single versatile set of solution that fits every aspect of modern type of retailers perfectly. SAP FMS provides all the retailers with an single & simple tool suite to manage their vertically-integrated processes. In market many retailers mange their vertically-integrated processes. All the traditional business models are expanding with SAP ERP application. The vertical fashion solution is vital role for business growth. SAP FMS solution aims to bring all business opreation under one single platform powered by SAP HANA to enabling faster fashion and grow an adaptable global business while helping increase revenues, margin & efficiency.

Proline Infotech will handle this SAP FMS Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings. Here Proline Infotech will conduct this SAP FMS Training by well experience and good knowledge of Real-Time consultant.

SAP FMS Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Business Process Overview - Introduction
  • SAP Business Process Flow

  • Retail Overview

  • SAP Is- Retail Process

  • Overview of Purchasing & Sales

  • Overview of Merchandise Logistics

Topic-2: Overview of Traditional Fashion Management:
  • Overview of FMS

  • Traditional Fashion Management Solution

  • SAP FMS flow overview

  • SAP FMS Architecture

  • Fashion Management Solution overview

  • Roles for FMS consultant overview

  • FMS benefits and uses

Topic-3: Master Data - SAP FMS
  • Organizational Structures

  • Flow of Hierarchies

  • Business Partner Master Data

  • Retail Master Data

  • Site Master Data

  • Article Dimensions

  • Configure of Seasonality

  • Articles & article-related features

  • Flow of Assortments

  • Configuration of Segmentation

Topic-4:Segmentation: SAP FMS
  • Overview of Segmentation

  • Segmentation process in SAP FMS

  • Segmentation specific characteristics

  • Segmentation Customizing

  • Segmentation within article master data

  • Segmentation Benefits and Uses
Topic-5: Planning and Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Overview of MRP in SAP

  • Flow of supply determination

  • Concept of Purchase Order

  • MRP with Inventory Management

  • MRP with Production Planning

  • MRP with BOM

  • MRP benefits and uses in FMS

Topic-6: Purchasing - SAP FMS
  • Overview of Purchasing

  • Process of Purchase Requisition

  • Flow of Purchase Order

  • Concept of Inbound Delivery

  • Maintain Retail Allocation

  • Stock Transport Order

  • Concept of Purchasing Reports

  • Benefits of Purchasing Reports

Topic-7: Inventory Management - SAP FMS
  • Overview of Inventory Management

  • Process of Inventory Management

  • Concept of Batch Management

  • Overview of Stock

  • Flow of Goods Movement

  • Flow of Reservations

  • Physical Inventory Overview

  • Configure of Split Valuation

  • Benefits of Inventory Management

Topic-8: Retail Allocation Management
  • Overview of Retail Allocation Management

  • Process flow of Retail Allocation

  • Initial Allocation process

  • Allocation Workload

  • Allocation plan, Allocation Automation

  • Allocation Plan Transfer

  • ERP integration for Allocation

  • Benefits and Uses of Retail Allocation Management

Topic-9: Wholesales Sale Process - SAP FMS
  • Overview of Wholesales Process

  • Sales Order Overview

  • Generic Articles and their variants

  • Overview of Segmentation and Seasonality

  • Configuration of ATP

  • Overview of Value added Services (VAS)

  • Contracts and other sales documents

Topic-10: ATP - SAP FMS
  • ATP Overview

  • Configuration of ATP

  • Concept of Assigning ATP Scope of check to articles

  • Concept of Understanding ATP results in Sales Orders

  • Configuring Segmentation rules for ATP

  • ATP uses and benefits

Topic-11: Stock Protection
  • Overview of Stock Protection

  • Process flow of Stock Protection

  • Overall concept for Stock Protection

  • Configure Stock Protection Set Up

  • Benefits and Uses of Stock Protection

Topic-12: Order Allocation - SAP FMS
  • Overview of Order Allocation

  • SAP Fashion Management Order Allocation Run Overview

  • Important transactions overview

  • Overview of online Allocation

  • Overview of background Allocation

  • Overview of allocation workbench

  • Features of De-Allocation

  • Allocation in special order types

  • Overview of BADIs in allocation

  • Benefits and Uses
Topic-13: Outbound Logistics and Billing
  • Overview of Outbound Logistics

  • Overview and configuration of Billing

  • Outbound Delivery Overview

  • Flow of Outbound Delivery Items with relevant articles

  • Flow of Outbound Delivery Items without relevant articles

  • Invoicing procedure

  • Benefits of Outbound Logistics and Billing
Topic-14: Value Added Services - SAP FMS
  • Overview of VAS

  • Configuration of VAS in SAP

  • Flow of Creating VAS condition records

  • Assign VAS settings for business partners(customers and vendors)

  • Procedure for VAS in the documents(sales orders and purchase orders)

  • Overview of Logistics Execution

  • Overview of Billing

  • Flow of Price Management

  • Configure Pricing Basics

  • Maintain Retail Pricing

  • Markdowns

  • Benefits of Logistics Execution

Topic-16: Merchandising - SAP FSM
  • Merchandising Overview

  • Process of Merchandising

  • Configure of Promotion

  • Flow of Replenishment

  • Benefits of Merchandising

Topic-17: Store Operations - SAP FSM
  • Overview of Store Operations

  • Process flow of Store Operations

  • Configuration of Store Operation Procedure

  • Benefits and uses of Store Operation

Topic-18: Additional Scenarios
  • Value-Added Service (VAS)

  • Purchase to Order

  • Third-Party Order (Wholesale)

  • Consignment (Wholesale)

  • Rush Order (Wholesale)

  • Fashion Contract (Wholesale)

  • Business to Customer (B2C)

  • Stock Protection

  • Collective PO and Merchandise Distribution

  • Feature of SAP FSM overflow


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