SAP CAR Stands for Customer Activity Repository, SAP CAR is a Application that collects data that was previously spread over independent application in diverse formats. SAP CAR is composed by and integrated with following components like MCSR, Inventory and Master Data, DDF, UDF. As integration of SAP CAR which includes POS, SAP ERP for IS-Retail, DMF, Warehouse Management, Forecasting and Replenishment.

SAP CAR Online Training will provide the features such as Real-Time visibility into consumer sales data down to the transaction level are to enable retailers better understand of customer purchases.

Proline Infotech will handle this SAP BPC Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings. Proline Infotech is handling this SAP CAR course with Real-Time experienced IT consultant.

SAP CAR Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Introduction to SAP and CAR:
  • Introduction to SAP Version and History

  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Architecture

  • Overview of SAP System Landscape

  • overview of of SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository)
Topic-2: Introduction of SAP CAR
  • What is SAP CAR

  • Overview of SAP CAR Components

  • Overview of Integration with SAP CAR

  • Architecture of SAP CAR

  • Integration with Other Application Overview

  • Usage of SAP CAR
Topic-3: Basic Data Assignment
  • SAP Master Data Assignment for SAP CAR

  • SAP ERP Data for Multichannel Sales Analysis

  • SAP Inventory Data Assignment

  • SAP Customer Data Assignment

  • SAP Miscellaneous Data Assignment
Topic-4: POS Analytics:
  • Installation of BI Contents for CAR(If SAP and CAR in Different HANA system)

  • POS (Point of Sale) Analytics Overview

  • Trade Foundation Analytics

  • POS In-memory Analytics
  • » Roles

    » Analytic View

    »Multi providers

    »Info Cubes


  • Loss Prevention Analytics: Analytics Tools

  • » Transaction Viewer

    » Extensibility of Transaction Viewer

    »Journal Viewer

Topic-5: Store Settings
  • Store Settings Overview

  • Process of Store Settings

  • DMF (Demand Management Foundation) Overview

  • SAP HANA views

  • Usage of Store Settings
Topic-6: SAP CAR Tasks
  • One Step Processing

  • Two Step Processing
Topic-7: POS inbound processing Engine (PIPE)
  • Overview of PIPE

  • POS Transaction

  • Aggregation

  • Task Processing

  • Integration with Other Application Overview

  • Outbound Processing of Aggregates

  • Roles

  • Enterprise Services
Topic-8: CAR IMG Configurations of 5 module
Topic-9: Master Data replication from SAP to CAR
  • Overview of Mater Data Replication

  • Initialization

  • Process flow of Replication from SAP to CAR

  • Benefits
Topic-10: Sales Transactions Configuration
  • Overview

  • Process of Sales Transaction

  • Benefits
Topic-11: Financial Transactions Configuration
  • Overview

  • Process of Financial Transaction

  • Benefits
Topic-12: Goods movement Transaction configuration
  • Overview

  • Process of Goods Movement Transaction

  • Benefits
Topic-13: Idocs used for Outbound processing to IS-Retail
  • SAP Outbound IDOC overview

  • Outbound process of IDOC

  • Middleware

  • POS outbound

  • IS-Retail Outbound

  • Benefits
Topic-14: IDOC configuration in CAR system
  • Overview of IDOC Configuration

  • Prerequisites for IDOC configuration in CAR system

  • Process of Configuration

  • Benefits
Topic-15: Standard Reports available in CAR
Topic-16: Integration of Non-Sap POS with CAR with custom PI Contents
  • Overview of Non-SAP POS with CAR

  • Overview of SAP PI contents

  • Prerequisites of Integration

  • Process overflow

  • Benefits
Topic-17: Integration of SAP POS with POSDM using standard PI Contents
  • Overview of SAP POS with CAR

  • Overview of SAP PI contents

  • Prerequisites of Integration

  • Process overflow

  • Benefits


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