About SAP BPC Training:

SAP BPC stands for Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is a SAP tool which used to support all financial and operational activities in IT industry or organization. This BPC module will mainly focus an automating and streaming business forecast, planning and consolidation activities on organization. Proline Infotech will handles the SAP BPC Training in Classroom and Online session with complete flow of the BPC subject maters. This BPC module will supporting migration of SAP Netweaver and MS Excel using EPM (Enterprise Power Management).

Proline Infotech will handle this SAP BPC Module in Classroom and Online Training based on your flexible timings.

SAP BPC Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Introduction to SAP and BPC
  • SAP R/3 Overview

  • SAP BPC Overview

  • Release Strategy

  • Terminology

  • Course Goals

  • Course Objectives
Topic-2: BPC Concepts and Object in BPC Admin
  • Overview of Business Objects

  • Benefits of BO PC

  • Business Planning and Consolidation overview

  • Tables, Optimization Options and Compression

  • Creating Transformation File and Conversion File

  • Terminology

  • Working with BPC for Excel

  • Flow of Developing Reports

  • Environment Management

  • Dimension Management

  • Creating Models

  • Security

  • Developing Input Schedules

  • BPC Comments

  • Reports using EvDRE

  • Depth knowledge of BPC Process flow

Topic-3: SAP EPM Overview and Add-in
  • Overview of EPM

  • Benefits of EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)

  • Creating Planning and Consolidation Connection in EPM

  • Compare SAP BPC & EPM
Topic-4: EPM Client and Comments
  • EPM Client Overview

  • Flow of Create a Report

  • Flow of Create a Input Form

  • Comments overview in EPM

  • Enable Comments

  • Input and Retrieve Comments
Topic-5: Axis Sharing and Multi-Reporting
  • Overview of Multi-Reporting in BPC

  • Create a Multi-Reporting Spread Sheet

  • YTD Model

  • Display of Multi reporting

  • Overview of Axis Sharing

  • Share axis from one report with another report

  • Axis Sharing in EPM Report Connection
Topic-6: Formatting in EPM Report
  • Overview of Formatting in EPM

  • Flow of Dynamic formatting

  • Link a formatting sheet to one or several reports

  • Apply formats for EPM Function

  • Benefits of Formatting
Topic-7: New Web Client in BPC
  • Overview of Web Client

  • Process of Web Client creation and Management

  • Flow of Create a Planning and Consolidation Web Report

  • Process of Change the Report Behavior

  • Process of Add a Chart to Report

  • Flow of Create a Web Input Form

  • low of Entering Comments via Web

  • Concept of Creating Document Types and Sub Types

  • Benefits of New Web Client
Topic-8: Logical Scripts Working
  • Introduction to Script Logic

  • Dimension and Worksheet Logic

  • Script for Hierarchy and Attributes

  • Script Logic and Flow process

  • AddmemberSet of XDIM

  • Flow of Logic Script and Online Execution

  • Flow of Logic Script and Central Execution

  • Flow of Logic Script and Allocation

  • Flow of Logic Script and ABAP Integration

  • Dimension Member Formulas

  • ABAP BADI Role and process

  • Benefits of Logical Scripts Working
Topic-9: Planning
  • Explain the Planning Process

  • Planning model definition process

  • Flow of Budgeting, Forecasting Process

  • Using Packages in Planning

  • Flow of Seeding the Plan

  • Rolling Forward Forecast

  • Flow of Calculations using Script Logic

  • Flow of Calculations Using Worksheet Logic

  • Concept of Allocations using Script Logic and Process Chains

  • Cost Center Planning dry run

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Planning Comments

  • Work Status Settings in BPC
Topic-10: Drill Through in BPC
  • SAP BPC EPM Add in- Drill -through Functions

  • New Drill Through features

  • Create a new Drill Through

  • Drill-Through in to BEx Query

  • Drill-Through in to an ECC Transaction

  • Specify the specific parameters of a Drill Through

  • BPC Delete any parameter

  • Flow of Test Drill Through
Topic-11: Security Set Up
  • Overview of Security Set up

  • Assign and Creation Task Profile

  • Flow of Member Access Profiles

  • Users and Teams in Security Set up

  • Flow of Work Status Settings

  • Flow of Using Standard Data Manager Packages

  • Flow of Creating Custom Data Manager Packages

  • Automation of Master Data and Transactional Data
Topic-12: Consolidation
  • Overview of Consolidation

  • Process of Ownership and Rate application

  • Data collection and preparation

  • Business rules for consolidation tasks

  • Journal entries and balance carry forward

  • Concept of Currency Conversion Set Up

  • Concept of Currency Conversion Script Logic

  • Flow of Intercompany Eliminations Set up

  • Flow of Intercompany Eliminations using Script Logic

  • Flow of Intercompany Bookings

  • Flow of Dynamic Hierarchy’s

  • Process of BPF’s(Business Process Flow’s) in Consolidation

  • Benefits of Consolidation
Topic-13: Object Dashboard Design
  • Introduction to Object Dashboard Design

  • Insert a Flash object into a report

  • Flow of Publish a Flash objects

  • Flow of Creating Crystal Dashboards Using EPM Connector
  • Concept of Crystal Dashboards functions with BPC Data

  • Display the content of a .txt file stored in Content Library

  • Input data in BPC from Dashboards
Topic-14: Additional Topics
  • Crystal Dashboard

  • BPC Audit Reports

  • System Landscape and Transports

  • Performance Tuning

  • BPC Statistics and Tracing


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