SAP Business Objects Training course empowers you to take in all that is required to take part based perspective of business Process and spend significant time in Business Intelligence. You can viably work with SAP BO stage which is a coordinated suite of utilizations used to question, sort and break down BI information.

Proline Infotech offers SAP BO Training with mostly industry compatible and it is rendered by subject matter experts, so that the participants get the business insight apart from having complete knowledge of this professional training. We provide both classroom and online session with study material.

SAP BO Training Syllabus:

Topic: 1 Introduction to SAP BO
  • Understanding the SAP BO tool

  • Sort and analyze BI data

  • Introduction to various components of SAP BO

  • Dashboards & web intelligence tool
Topic: 2 Concept of Data Warehousing
  • Learning Data Warehousing basics

  • Deployment in real world scenarios
Topic: 3 SAP BO Architecture
Topic: 4 SAP Web Intelligence
  • Web Intelligence Overview

  • Ad hoc reporting

  • Analysis Tool

  • Discovering insights from any data source and any device

  • Creation of Prompts

  • Applying various conditions

  • Deploying various formula and functions

  • Drill Functions

  • Understanding Variable in Web Intelligence environment
Topic: 5 Reports and Elements
  • Learning about SAP BO Reports

  • Chart Reports Creation

  • Table Reports

  • Sorting and Aggregating of Reports

  • Various elements of Reports

  • Graphs, Text elements & Data processing features
Topic: 6 Conditional Report
  • Conditional Reports Creation

  • Understanding the concept of Ranking

  • Working with Session Report and Break Reports
Topic: 7 SAP BO Data Source
  • Introducing personal data source

  • Business Explorer as a Data Source

  • Multiple query overview

  • Deploying queries for generating results

  • Merging dimensions

  • Deploying web services as a data source
Topic: 8 Universe Designer Tools (UDT)
  • Introduction to the Universe Designer Tool

  • Creation of the Universe

  • Understanding of the Semantic layer, star schema, working with shared, secured

  • Setting up tables with parameters

  • Creation of Joins

  • Applying Restrictions

  • Understanding List of Value objects
Topic: 9 Advanced Formatting
  • Advanced methods of formatting in SAP BO

  • Identifying Chasm trap and resolving Chasm traps

  • Detection and resolving of loop

  • Understanding Fan Trap

  • Learning to identify and resolving Fan Trap

  • Creation of various classes and objects
Topic: 10 Information Design Tool (IDT) Integration
  • Introduction to SAP BO information design tool

  • Extracting data from various sources using OLAP methodologies

  • Relational connection

  • Creating of Universe with IDT

  • Comparing the IDT and UDT

  • Working with IDT as an Integration tool
Topic: 11 BO Administration
  • Understanding Business Objects Enterprise What is Business Objects Enterprise?

  • Installation and configuration

  • Managing all servers

  • Configure the Audit databases to monitor BO server health Checkup

  • Working in the Central Management Console Business Objects Enterprise Architecture

  • BO Cluster Setup and maintaining the load balancing

  • Understanding the Business Objects Enterprise architecture Enterprise Security Creating users, groups, and folders

  • Business Objects Enterprise security model
Topic: 12 SAP Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Report Overview

  • Creating reports

  • Selecting records

  • Organizing data on reports

  • Grouping & section formatting

  • Creating basic and complex formulas

  • Using variables

  • Using report templates

  • Applying conditional reporting

  • Building parameterized and specialized reports

  • Summarizing data with cross tabs

  • Using report sections

  • Representing data visually

  • Managing reports

  • Distributing reports

  • Using repository data sources


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