About SAP BIBO Training:

Proline Infotech will handle SAP BIBO training, SAP BIBO meaning is Business Intelligence and Business Objects (BO).SAP BI is broad category of ERP SAP Application. It’ll help to analyze an organization raw data using OLAP, Data modeling, Querying, reporting, data mining etc. SAP BI will help to make the decision in company using this BI reporting, modeling, design, analytical tools. SAP Business Objects is

Proline Infotech is arranging this training with Real-Time subject matter consultants. These SAP BIBO training classes will conduct by both Classroom and Online sessions with flexible hours of candidates.

SSAP BIBO Training Road-map:

Topic-1: Introduction to ERP and SAP BIBO:
  • Overview of ERP SAP

  • Architecture of SAP R/3

  • Overview of SAP Business Objects (BO)

  • Difference between Versions 5.x/6/5/XI R1, R2, R3

  • Business objects XIR3 Suite

  • Overview of Business objects XIR3, BO- SAP Integration/Dashboard/Xcelsius/Query as Web Service

  • Role of Business objects in Data warehousing real time life cycle

Topic-2: SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
  • Overview of SAP BI Business Intelligence

  • BI launch pad Overview and updates

  • Flow of Customizing BI launch pad

  • Creating Interactive Analysis documents with queries

  • Restricting data returned by a query

  • Filters Types

  • Analysis reports for Designing Interactive

  • Enhancing the presentation of data in reports

  • Concept of formatting reports

  • Calculating data with formulas and variables

  • Using multiple data sources

  • Overview of analyzing data

  • Managing documents

  • Tables and charts for displaying the Data

  • Presenting data in free-standing cells

  • Report Analysis configuration:

  • Using If Logic Concepts:

  • Creating custom sorts

  • Displaying document data in free-standing cells

  • Query Analysis Overview:

  • Character and Date String Functions Understanding Character Strings

  • Linking to documents and URLs in Web Intelligence

  • Create the reports on top of Sap BEX queries

  • Analysis reports for Designing Interactive

  • Analysis reports for Designing Interactive

Topic-3: BO Reporting
Sub Topic-3.1: Business Objects Overview:
  • Architecture of BO XI

  • Concept of BO content plug inns

  • Flow of Security model

  • SAP Central Configuration Manager (CCM)

  • SAP Central Management Console (CMC)

  • Configuration for Creating Users, Groups, Folders

  • Process of providing access for Groups on applications

  • Manual and Recurrence scheduling of Reports

  • Flow of Calendar based Scheduling of Reports

Sub Topic-3.2: Universe Designer
  • Overview of Universe

  • Flow of how to creating a Universe

  • Connection – Personnel, Shared and Secured

  • Creating single sign on between SAP and BO

  • Steps for creating Universe on top of SAP source / OLAP Universe

  • How to define Joins in a Universe

  • Method of Classes and Objects

  • Overview of Hierarchies and List of Values(LOV’s)

  • Resolving Loops, using aliases, contexts

  • Row level and Object level Restriction

  • Linking the Universes (Add link and Include link)

  • Limitations of SAP Universe

  • Performance tuning of Universe

  • Flow of using function with Objects, Functions and Hierarchies

  • Aggregates overview

  • Securing and Managing Universes
Sub Topic-3.3: Web Intelligence ( Webi )
  • Flow of Creating WEBI report in SAP Universe

  • Formatting Charts and Documents

  • Formulas and variables

  • Analyzing data Cube

  • Flow of Accessing Info view

  • Web Intelligence Calculation data

  • Add Queries and Combined Queries

  • Filters, Breaks and Sections

  • Alerter, Variables and Formulas

  • Merge and Purge

  • Drilling and Tracker

  • Exporting documents from the Rich Client

  • Scheduling Web Intelligence Reports

  • Scope of Analysis in WEBI
Sub Topic-3.4: SAP BO Desktop Intelligence (Deski)
  • Introduction to Desktop Intelligence (Deski)

  • Flow of creating Multi data provider report on DESKI

  • Flow of Publishing the Report

  • Scope of Analysis in DESKI

  • Slice and Dice

  • Alerters and Variables

  • Reports conversation in Deski
Sub Topic-3.5: Webi Rich Client on SAP
  • Introduction about Webi Rich Client

  • Creation of Webi Rich Document

  • Creation of Webi Rich client using Personal files and universe

  • Converting Deski reports into Webi reports using Report conversion tool

  • Publishing the Report

  • Benefits of Webi Rich Client
Sub Topic-3.6: SAP Query as a Web Service (QAAWS) and Live Office
  • Overview of SAP Query as a Web Service

  • Flow of Creating qaaws connection on top of Universe

  • Creating Live office connection on top of Universe, Webi and Crystal

  • Reporting in Qaaws

  • Live office Overview

  • Represent the data in Live Office

  • Creation and Configuration of Live Office

  • Refreshing Live Documents

  • Manual Calculation in Live Office
Sub Topic-3.7: SAP BO Crystal Reports
  • Introduction of Crystal Reports

  • Flow of Crystal Report using Universe tool

  • Flow of Crystal Report using ODBC database

  • Flow of Crystal Report using SAP Info cube

  • Flow of Crystal Report using SAP BEX query

  • Flow of Crystal Report using WSDL Url

  • Creating Cross tab report and Mailing label report

  • Adding Charts in Crystal reports

  • Sort control and Alerter

  • Use of Formulas, Groups, Totals and Sub totals

  • Repository data Sources

  • Report Processing using Crystal

  • Highlight Expert , Selection expert and hyper links

  • Flow of Sub reports

  • Variables and Variable scope

  • Concept of Publish Crystal Report

  • Scheduling the Crystal Reports
Sub Topic-3.8: Xcelsius
  • Overview of Xcelsius Tool

  • Flow of Creating Static Dash board

  • Flow of Creating Dynamic dash board on Qaaws and Live office Connections

  • Different methods for creating dashboard on top of SAP source

  • Flow of creating dashboard with Dynamic Visibility functions

  • Overview Creating What if Dash board


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