About SAP BASIS Training:


SAP BASIS (Business Application System Integrated Solution) training is Technical SAP Module which will help to design SAP System landscape and SAP R/3 Application Administration. SAP BASIS technique and components will work as a middleware of Operating System and Database infrastructure. Here Proline Infotech will offer this training with well experienced Real-Time experts on the industry.

SAP BASIS is the tool which use to communicate all the SAP Components like SAP BIBW, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP XIPI, SAP SRM and Solman and some other components which corresponding by SAP BASIS. Proline Infotech will conduct this SAP BASIS course on classroom and Online training with demand of SAP features.

SAP BASIS Training Road-map:

Unit-1: Introduction to SAP BASIS R/3:
  • What is SAP Basis?

  • Basis Consultants Roles and Responsibilities

  • Introduction to HW Concepts:
    • • Introduction of HW

    • • Architecture of CPU and HW Devices

    • • SAP R/3 Hardware and Storage

    Introduction to SW Concepts:
    • • Introduction of SW

    • • Programming and Software Development

    • • Benefits of Operating System (OS) in SAP

    • • Types of OS

    Introduction to SAP R/3 Database Concepts:
    • • Introduction of Database

    • • Database Architecture and flow

    • • Types of Database

  • SAP R/3 Networking overview

  • Overview Database Service. Application Services, Presentation Services

  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Client / Server and R/3 Architecture

Unit-2: Architecture of SAP R/3 Server
  • SAP R/3 Architecture Overview

  • SAP R/2 Architecture Overview

  • Comparison of Architecture

  • SAP Instance

  • SAP R/3 Server Work Process Overview

Unit-3: SAP System Landscape
  • SAP Landscape overview

  • Multi system Landscape

  • 3 System Landscape

  • 2 System Landscape

  • 1 System Landscape

Unit-4: SAP Netweaver Architecture
  • NW Introduction

  • Components of SAP NW

  • Core Architecture

  • Application servers, Central Instance, Dialog instance

  • ABAP and Java Stacks

  • Message servers, Dispatchers

  • WPs and the types

Unit-5: SAP Application Installation
  • Pre installation Activities

  • Installation requirements

  • SAP Installation stages:
    • Operating System Installation

    • DB installation

    • SAP Application Server installation

    • Front End Installation

  • Start and Stop in SAP System

  • Post Installation Activities

  • Installation of SAP ECC 6.0 with Oracle on Windows platform

  • Installation of SAP ECC 6.0 with Oracle or SQL on LINUX platform

Unit-6: SAP License:
  • Overview of SAP License

  • How to get SAP license from SAP market place

  • How to Install / Edit /Delete / License

Unit-7: Client Administrator
  • Introduction to Client Concepts

  • How to Create Client in SAP

  • Prerequisite for Client Copy

  • Client Copy (Local, Remote, Export and Import)

Unit-8: User Administrator
  • Creating User in SAP Application

  • Creating Roles for User


  • Authorizations & Profiles

  • Locking and Unlocking a User

  • Introduction to profile Generator

  • Profile Management (Single and Composite)

  • Limiting Logon Attempts

  • Setting Password Controls

  • Maintain User Defaults & Options

  • User Audit Management

Unit-9: SAP Securities
  • Roles Administration

  • Profiles Administration

  • Authorizations and Parameters Maintenance

  • Single sign on (SSO)

  • Create and Assign parameters

  • Parameters Types

  • Overview of SOX, SOD tools

  • Missing Authorizations

  • Working with Profile Generator

Unit-10: SAP Background Job Administration
  • Batch Jobs Definition

  • Start Date & Time of Job

  • Job Assign Steps

  • Job Monitoring Admin

  • Deleting a background Job

Unit-11: Operation Modes
  • Overview of Operation Mode

  • OP modes Manual Switching

  • Exceptional Mode concept

  • Monitoring Concepts

  • Assigning Operation mode

Unit-12: TMS (Transport Management System (TMS)
  • TMS Overview and terms

  • TMS Domain

  • TMS Domain Controller assignment

  • Transport Groups Assignment

  • Configuring TMS and Checking Transport Directory

  • How to Configuring Virtual SAP System and Displaying Configuration

  • Including SAP systems in the Transport Domain

  • How to Creating Consolidation and Delivery Routes

  • Assign RFC user creation for both systems

  • Maintaining SAP Systems Transport Directory

  • Configuring External Systems Connection

  • Locking and Unlocking TMS for a SAP System

  • Deleting SAP System on Transport Domain

  • Reconfigure and Deleting TMS Configuration

Unit-13: SAP Spool Administration
  • Configuration of Printers in SAP

  • Deleting/Locking Printers

  • Spool Administration

  • Local Printing Method

  • Remote Printing method

  • Access method

  • TempSe Administration

Unit-14: SAP R/3 Support Packages & patch Administration
  • Support Package Introduction

  • How to Applying SAP Patches

  • How to Applying Kernel Patches

  • Knowledge about OSS (Online Support Services)

  • Adding patches and plug ins

  • Overview of Downloading Patches and components from SAP Marketplace

Unit-15: SAP CCMS (Computing Center Management System)
  • SAP R/3 System Health Check

  • SAP System OS Monitoring

  • SAP System DB Monitoring

  • SAP Alerts

  • Dump Analysis

  • Background Jobs Monitoring

  • SAP R/3 Buffers

  • SAP Memory Management

  • SAP MMC Workload Analysis

  • Operation Modes Monitoring

  • SAP System log analysis

Unit-16: SAP Database Analysis and Administration
  • Introduction of SAP DBA

  • Oracle Server Architecture overview

  • Oracle DB Startup/Shutdown

  • Table space Administration

  • Migration of DMTS to LMTS

  • Tape management

  • Homogeneous /Heterogeneous System Copies, DB Refresh and Disaster Recovery

  • SAP R/3 Reorganization of an Oracle Database

  • Restore and Recovery of an Oracle Database

Unit-17: BRTOOLS Management
  • Overview of BRTOOLS


  • Administration of Table space

  • Starting and Stopping instances using BRTOOLS

  • Database Reorganization

  • Exporting Database

  • Database backup and Restoring

  • Database File System Admin

Unit-18: SAP Router Management
  • SAP Router Overview

  • How to install SAP Router

  • Creating Route for Permission Table

  • Setting Route String Entry for SAP Router

  • Using Various Administrative Options

  • Maintaining and benefits of SAP Router

Unit-19: SAP RFC (Remote Function Call)
  • Overview of SAP R/3 RFC

  • RFC Types

  • Configuration of RFC creation

  • Benefits of SAP RFC

Unit-20: Advanced Topics
  • System copy

  • MCOD (Multiple Components on Single Database)

  • Live demonstration of SAP market place

  • Migration from 32 bit to 64 bit

  • DB refresh

  • R3LOAD

  • Early watch alerts

  • Migration from windows to linux

  • Introduction of CRM, SRM, XI, Portal etc and their integration

Unit-21: Solution Manager Overview:
  • Solution Manager Installations Overview

  • Generation of license keys using SolMAN

  • Knowledge of Satellite system configuration.

  • System landscape Monitoring using Solman

  • Optimizer Maintenance

  • Service Desk Configuration

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & End to End Monitoring

  • ASAP methodology implementation in SAP

Unit-22: SAP Implementation Activities
  • Installation of SAP GUI and ERP

  • Starting and stopping of SAP R/3 systems

  • Post installation activities

  • SAP Transport management system

  • Client copies

  • Rfcs generation

  • Change and transport management system

  • kernel, SPAM/SAINT, Support Packages and Add-ons

  • TRANS directory structure.

  • SAP System Navigation

  • Communication and Integration

  • Tools for SAP System Administration

  • Setting Up Remote Connections

  • Update, Enqueue, Spool Mechanism

  • Data Transfer Techniques

  • SAP Archiving and systems load balancing

  • Performance and Fine tuning of the system

  • New language imports


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