Is your website old and Damaged ? are you not receiving adequate traffic to your brands? web pages? You have your competitors? websites surpassed yours in terms of traffic? Is your website not optimized in search engine ? If your answer to any of the on top of queries is affirmative, then you are in need of a strategic website redesign

Reasons you need to consider a tactical redesign for your website
1  The performance of your website is below expectations
2  It was built years back and is now completely outdated
3  Your old website doesn’t match up to the scale of your business now
4  Your brand has a new identity and this needs to reflect on your online presence
5  The website was created in Microsoft Word or Frontpage
6  You feel embarrassed to show your prehistoric website to your clients and customers
7  Your visitors don’t stay on the site for long
8  The website takes a long time to upload

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