SAP Business Workflow allows the plan & execution of business forms inside SAP application systems: Workflow forms are conveyed as substance in the SAP Business Suite. Clients can upgrade those work processes gave by SAP, as well as make their own work processes.SAP Business Workflow is an instrument to computerize complex business forms where there is more than one user included.

Proline Infotech provide the SAP Workflow Training course in Bangalore at reasonable course fee. We offer for SAP ABAP fresher as well as experienced. Our classes are arranged in flexible timing so that working professionals can pursue as per their timings.

SAP Workflow Training Syllabus:

Topic: 1 Workflow Introduction
  • Importance of Workflow

Topic: 2 Introduction to Task
  • Workflow Template

  • Workflow Builder

  • Various workflow steps
Topic: 3 Workflow Development
  • Workflow Builder

  • Various workflow steps
Topic: 4Developing Bo’s Methods
  • Different Macro's used in BO programming

  • Attributes

  • Data Base Attributes and

  • Virtual Attributes

  • Synchronous Method

  • Synchronous Method with Result Parameter

  • Asynchronous Method with Terminating Events

  • Instance Independent/Dependent methods

  • Dialog / Back Ground Methods
Topic: 5 Types of Task
  • Standard Task

  • Customer Task

  • Workflow Task

  • Creating Task Group

  • Creating General Task
Topic: 6 Task/Activity Add on functionalities
  • Work item Text

  • Work item Description

  • BO Attachments (_adhoc_objects_)

  • Work item Priority

  • Dynamic Parallel Processing applied to

  • Task/Sub Workflows, along with Static Workflows

  • Advance With Dialog option in work item response

  • Conditions

  • Programming Exits with Classes

  • Deadline monitoring

  • Repeated Notifications

  • Escalation Scenarios

  • Logos in work item Display

  • Confirm End of processing option

  • Word document type Attachments (_Attach Objects)

  • Workflow containers

  • Event container

  • Workflow containers

  • Task containers

  • Method Container

  • Rule Containers

  • Workflow Binding
Topic: 7 Miscellaneous Topics
  • Consistency Check After Transporting to other systems

  • Transporting Agent Assignments

  • Setting Conditions using SWB_COND

  • Using Check Function Modules

  • Workflow Wizards
Topic: 8 Business Workplace
  • Inbox

  • Outbox

  • Reserve

  • Forward/Auto Forward

  • Express Notification

  • Dynamic Columns Configuration in Inbox
Topic: 9 Triggering event Mechanisms
  • Event Raising via Different FM's SWE_EVENT_CREATE,


  • Starting Workflows Directly using FM's

  • Event Raising via Change Documents

  • Analysis of how to make use of events raised by

  • Standard SAP

  • Event Trace

  • Simulate trace

  • Event Linkage
Topic: 10 Basic Step types
  • User Decision

  • Condition

  • Multiple Conditions

  • Loop

  • Send Mail

  • Container operation

  • Fork

  • Process control

  • Local Workflow

  • Loops

  • Forks

  • Creation of Local Events
Topic: 11 Agents
  • Rule Resolution via FM

  • Expression

  • Organization Unit

  • Job

  • Position

  • Work Center

  • A Sample Org Structure

  • Agent assignment using Org structure
Topic: 12Reporting, Log Analysis & Debugging
  • Work item analysis

  • Reading & Understanding the log

  • Restart workflow after Errors

  • Restart workflow after system Crash

  • Standard Log

  • Technical log

  • Graphical log

  • Execution of work items belongs to other users.

  • Changing the container values at runtime

  • Workflow Administration from debugging perspective

  • Runtime Buffer Synchronization

  • Basic Customization for workflow

  • RFC destination

  • Dead line monitoring
Topic: 13Dynamic Selection of Agents Using WF_TASKs OO ABAP With Workflow
  • IF_WORKFLOW Interface usage

  • Attributes Creation & Methods Creation

  • Creation of workflows with Classes

  • Using Functional Methods

  • Raising Events via Classes


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