SAP Mobility is a gathering of toolsets based on gadgets, gadget lifecycle administration, SAP unwired stage for associating different backbends safely to various gadgets, SAP SMS 365 and so on. SAP Mobility Training is one of the SAP modules which offer magnificent business and mechanical knowledge over SAP area as an enterprise mobility leader offering end-to-end portable arrangements with the cloud, Big Data coordination, mobile platform, & social networks

We are providing SAP Mobility with free of cost Study material, server installation or Access. The SAP MOBILITY TRAINING is conducted by best industry experts and the SAP MOBILITY Training tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional vision over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this SAP training course contact our helpdesk team at Proline Infotech.

SAP Mobility Training Syllabus:

Topic: 1 Introduction to SAP Mobility
  • Identifying SAP Mobility Components

  • Mobile Solution Development Introduction

  • Development Tools & Frameworks

  • Business Object Enterprise
Topic: 2 Mobile Application Development Architecture
  • ApplicationPlanning

  • Licenses Obtaining

  • Choosing the Runtime Edition

  • Data AccessPlanning

  • Identifying Data Tier Components

  • Configuring Communication from Devices to Server Tier

  • Server TierStarting

  • Evaluating Clusters and Domains in the Server Tier

  • Installing Enterprise Developer Edition of the Runtime
Topic: 3 Development Software Installation
  • SAP Mobile SDK Installation

  • Non-SAP Software Needed for DevelopmentInstallation

  • Starting the Mobile Workspace
Topic: 4 Mobility Workspace
  • Perform Pre-Development Tasks

  • Correcting Errors in an Imported Project

  • Creating Connection Profiles in Enterprise Explorer
Topic: 5Model Objects
  • Creating Database Driven Mobile Business Objects

  • Creating SOAP Web Service-Sourced MBOS

  • Filtering MBO Data

  • Creating REST Web Service-Sourced MBOS

  • Creating SAP-Sourced MBOS

  • Creating Advanced Project Entities

  • Creating Relationships between MBOS

  • Creating Cache Groups

  • Configuring other MBO Entities

  • Creating Synchronization Groups

  • Deploying MBOS to the Server Tier

  • Creating Local Business Objects

  • Defining MBO Roles
Topic: 6Data Change Notification
  • Defining the Data Change Notifications,

  • Creating a WF-DCN

  • Creating a Regular DCN
Topic: 7Hybrid App Development
  • Creating Initial Screens for a Hybrid Application

  • Creating a Client-Initiated Hybrid Application

  • Adding Functionality to a Hybrid Application

  • Customizing the Hybrid Web Container

  • Creating a Server-Initiated Hybrid Application

  • Developing a List-Type Hybrid Application

  • Identifying Object Names in Generated Hybrid Application Code

  • Developing Hybrid Applications using Third Party Tools

  • Modifying Generated Hybrid Application Code
Topic: 8 Native App Development

  • Configuring the Environment for Android Native Development

  • Creating an IOS Native Project Using Xcode

  • Producing Project Generated Code

  • Building a Native Application for Android using the SAP Client Object API


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