SAP BI stands for Business Intelligence - the main information warehousing & reporting tool which helps change raw data into information and experiences that assistance enhances business edges. SAP BI Training Course includes all the essential parts of the SAP Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing areas.

ProlineInfotech offers SAP BI Training for making all our participants aware of the relevant industry, learning the whole course materials, as well as with special insight for deciding the successful business analytics. We are providing free course of study material which helps you to gain more knowledge.

SAP BI Training Syllabus:

Topic: 1 Introduction to SAP BI
  • • Data Warehouse Introduction

  • • BW / BI Introduction

  • SAP Landscape

  • OSS concepts as a part of SAP BI Training

  • Standard Naming convention in SAP- BI

  • Discussion Groups
Topic: 2 Overview of SAP BI Architecture
  • Data warehouse concepts and Overview


  • ETL concepts as a part of SAP BI Training

  • Star Schema

  • Snow Flake Schema

  • Data Warehouse and Datamart

  • Measures, Dimensions and Facts/li>
  • Level and Hierarchy

  • Slowly Changing & Confirmed Dimensions

  • Aggregates, Aggregation Strategy, Compression Ratio, Indexing Strategy
Topic: 3 Data Warehousing (Data Warehousing Workbench)
  • Data warehouse Overview


  • ETL Concepts

  • Star Schema

  • Snow Flake Schema

  • Data Warehouse and Datamart

  • Measures, Dimensions and Facts

  • Level and Hierarchy
Topic: 4 Data Modeling
  • Architecture of SAP NetWeaver BI

  • Benefits and use of the business content

  • DSO- types and properties

  • Info cube – types and properties

  • Multi provider

  • Info set

  • Transformation – types and rules type

  • Developing a BI data model

  • Modeling data marts

  • Enhancing/changing the data model
Topic: 5Data Flow
  • Dataflow in BI

  • Transformation Process

  • Datasource and Infosources 3.X

  • ODS / Data Store Object ( DSO )

  • Emulated Datasources 3.X
Topic: 6Data Extraction
  • Data acquisition

  • LO Cockpit

  • UD Connect

  • DB Connect
Topic: 7Data Authorization
  • Architecture and strategies

  • Security requests in SAP BI

  • Creating authorizations

  • Administrative tasks

  • Source systems

  • Planning environment
Topic: 8 Performance Tuning & Process Chain
  • Aggregates, Rollup and Compression etc.

  • Basics for optimizing query performance

  • BI accelerator

  • Details about Process chains
Topic: 9 Reporting
  • Architecture and functions of the SAP BI analysis tools

  • Navigation in SAP BI reports

  • Creating query definitions with the BEx Query Designer and the BEx Web Analyzer

  • Integrating key figures, characteristics, hierarchies, variables, properties, exceptions, and conditions in the query definitions

  • Using the BEx information broadcaster to distribute reports

  • Integrating documents in reports

  • Configuring report interfaces

  • Report layout
Topic: 10 Documents
Topic: 11 BEx Broadcaster
Topic: 12 BEx Report Designer
Topic: 13 Integrated Planning
Topic: 14Analysis Process Designer
  • Web Template iView Creation – SAP BI Training

  • Publish Web Template in the portal


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